Industry Presentations


LEANWinning the 1st prize at the Rutgers University- Lean start-up training course, May, 2017. (Rama K Rao second from right)


IMG-20180301-WA0005Rama K Rao (Adjunct Prof. of Finance) with Varun Gupta (Ex-Chief Legal Officer, Bitfury) and Kenneth Betz (Prof. of Economics & Finance) at Fairleigh Dickenson University, April, 2017

A presentation on Bitcoins and Blockchains by Varun Gupta (Ex-Chief Legal Officer, Bitfury) to the undergraduate finance students at Silberman College of Business, Fairleigh Dickenson University, Madison, NJ


New-1R&D Finance College, Novartis, October 2012

Rama K Rao, Lead faculty for R&D Finance College

A proprietary and innovative college for the internal training of financial associates in R&D finance.


Modifying Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Strategies in an Ever Changing Environment, June 2012

Rama Rao, Head of US Development Finance, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

“The current state of the economy has caused many companies across the life science to drastically change their financial planning processes. It is now critical to update a budgeting plan once a quarter, if not more often, to remain mindful of an organization’s financial state within a rapidly changing environment. The ability to account for the probability of success and utilize business intelligence tools to identify inefficient business processes that need to be re-engineered is essential in successful FP&A today.
Defining and implementing rolling forecasting
Utilizing BI tools to manage corporate performance
Sharing best practices in today’s FP&A”


Article: “CBI tackles Recruitment and Budgets”, Applied Clinical Trials, March 2010

“In today’s economy industry has no choice but to become more efficient, Rama K. Rao stressed during the first presentation of the Forecasting and Budgeting Conference. Rao, Executive Director, U.S. R&D Finance, for Novartis, described the perfect storm battling industry: soaring drug development costs ($1.2 billion +), a decreasing ROI, and higher trial costs. In this context, “we need to go from tactical skills to strategic,” said Rao, who listed innovation, process improvement, alliances, and outsourcing as the four key areas that should be part of every strategy”


Productivity in Global Clinical Trials – from Tactical to Strategic – A Focus Whose Time Has Come, February 2010

Rama K Rao, Executive Director, U.S R&D Finance, NPC, Novartis

“With increased scrutiny in the press and from the FDA regarding the length and cost of most clinical trials, it is imperative to properly plan and forecast clinical trials that achieve budget goals and predictable timelines. Irrespective of political ideologies, convergence is taking place around decreasing costs, increasing coverage and neutralizing the impact of the economy. Understanding the market forces at work in a global economy, as well as, working strategically with CROs and vendors is part of an overall action plan to better serve the cross functional team of professionals managing complicated, extensive clinical trials. Planning for success involves moving out of the era of tactical measure and into a strategic framework. Hear from an industry leader on how to set up clinical operations for success.
Prepare for greater clinical trial cost scrutiny – No more blank checks *consider the lifetime impact and commercial value
Address the challenges of partnering across organizations and supply chains to deliver value
Embrace the necessity of self-regulation and accountability to patients
Understand the costs and rewards of having a global footprint”


Outsourcing – A Practitioner’s Perspective. Is the Devil that You Know Better Than the Devil that You Don’t? , 2006

Rama Rao, CFO, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Corp.

“CFO’s are caught between multiple pressure points. Regulatory forces, continuing cost pressures, reinventing business delivery model, strategic partnering and of course doing more with less. How does offshoring or outsourcing help? Between myth and reality its not a panacea however its equally not a tool to be excluded from a CFOs tool kit”

New-5SOX Stewardship and Survival – A Practitioner’s Perspective, 2005

Rama Rao, CFO and VP, Finance, Novartis Canada

“True Leadership in the role of the senior financial executive is in great demand. The voices of corporate regulators and the demands being imposed by them are expressed loud and clear in all sections of the media. What are the CFOs saying on the important issues that affect them? What input should the CFOs be making to guide their destiny?