Thomas Bock, MD, MBA

CEO, HeritX Inc.
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Bloqcube’s system is very well thought through, covers the data typically collected across a broad range of disease fields, and can be customized to individual studies’ needs.. a one-stop-shop for all aspects of planning, implementation, resourcing and financially controlling clinical research.

…this system is unique across the medical research landscape. It streamlines tasks, enhances speed, and importantly, leads to greater data accuracy and data security (innovative blockchain technology). Data accuracy will likely be further improved through the system’s interactive messaging systems which will connect and engage everyone involved in a clinical study, thus facilitating an integrated team approach across the traditional operational silos in medicine.

Especially for a non-profit R&D organization like ours, the operational streamlining and cost savings are highly valuable, and I can highly recommend this system’s consideration when planning future studies- as I do.”


Stephen Cunningham, MB, Bch, BAO, MD, FRCP, FFPM

Former CSO; Head of Clinical Dept. & Medical Affairs – Novartis, USA
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“The system is unique, intuitive and fast. The clinical trial suite uses and integrates iPad based systems with a user-friendly front end. The proprietary C2TA system integrated with financial software gives real-time transparency. For the first time, this unique system unlocks the value of blockchain technology and distributed ledgers to drive real advantages for companies and investigators conducting clinical trials:

Faster input and transfer of immutable and secure data
Smart contracts and eCRF’s facilitate automation and accelerate the clinical process”