Dr Thomas Bock, MD, MBA

CEO, HeritX Inc.

Bloqcube’s system is very well thought through, covers the data typically collected across a broad range of disease fields, and can be customized to individual studies’ needs.. a one-stop-shop for all aspects of planning, implementation, resourcing and financially controlling clinical research.

…this system is unique across the medical research landscape. It streamlines tasks, enhances speed, and importantly, leads to greater data accuracy and data security (innovative blockchain technology). Data accuracy will likely be further improved through the system’s interactive messaging systems which will connect and engage everyone involved in a clinical study, thus facilitating an integrated team approach across the traditional operational silos in medicine.

Especially for a non-profit R&D organization like ours, the operational streamlining and cost savings are highly valuable, and I can highly recommend this system’s consideration when planning future studies- as I do.”


Dr. Alex Cahana

Head of Healthcare and Blockchain Consulting at Genesis Block.
Blockchain Expert UN/CEFACT, Economic Commission Europe

Conceptualist, HealthCare Ecosystem Designer, Digiceutical Integrator and Theme Developer.

My areas of passion are WellBeing, Pain, Social Determinants of Health, Systems Engineering, Blockchain and Phenomenology. I love to offer big-picture, cross-disciplinary advice, strategically assess new ventures and design disruptive solutions in Healthcare.

I believe by ‘blockchainizing” Healthcare we can transform people from passive health service consumers into active, self-sovereign Health and Wealth producers.


Dr. Stephen Cunningham


Senior Leader Positioning Bio/Pharmaceutical Organizations to Capture Competitive Advantage

Board of Directors | Chief Scientific Officer | Drug Development Leader | C-Suite


Drug development expert with over 25 years of experience driving the development, launch, and lifecycle management of groundbreaking therapies, including ZESTRIL, ZESTORETIC, DIOVAN, SEROQUEL, TRILEPTAL, GILENYA, EXELON, ZOMETA, CASODEX, ARIMIDEX, ACCOLATE, FORADIL, and XOLAIR .

Inspiring, authentic leader with extensive expertise bringing blockbuster therapies to market; broad experience spans multiple therapeutic areas including CVM, Neurology/CNS, Bone Health, Oncology, Women’s Health, and Respiratory health.

An M&A strategist who structures organizations for optimal efficiency and performance, I am passionate about building organizations and cultures that foster excellence, challenging leaders to achieve peak performance, and driving metrics-based change.


  • Managing Regulatory Approval
  • Driving Launch Strategy
  • Engaging KOL’s
  • Developing Talent
  • Leading Change
  • Building Branded Portfolios
  • Cultivating Innovation


Advanced through senior-level roles in drug development at Zeneca and AstraZeneca, providing cross-portfolio international leadership for approval, launch, and lifecycle management of pioneering blockbusters.

As CSO at Novartis Corp, restructured drug development to align clinical development and medical affairs under six therapeutic areas and created a best-in-class clinical organization.

As board and executive advisor, played a key role high-value acquisitions, including Chase’s acquisition by Allergan in a deal worth up to $1B.