Transformative Technology for Efficient Management of Clinical Trials

Solving the challenges of legacy processes with a fully-integrated and decentralized remote trial management system providing data in real time.


Remote Trials
Allow Patients to Participate Anywhere

Problem: The system of gathering trial subjects to a central location for testing wastes time and in some cases, for example, pediatric neurological patients, creates major logistical roadblocks.

Solution: Our patient-centric, remote, tablet-based system makes it fast and easy to collect electronic data at the patient’s location.



Consolidating Multiple Trial Functions in a Single System in Multiple Locations

Problem: Too many intermediaries and paper-based results cost money, slow down projects and provide the opportunity for data tampering and fraud especially when conducted across various geographies.

Solution: Cloud based systems combined with Blockchain, with cryptographic security, provide a seamless flow of compliant data, and minimize the possibility of ransomware attacks.



Distributed Ledgers Improve Transparency, Data Integrity and Security and Provide Data In Real-time

Problem: Data integrity is increasingly an issue along with need for real time data in order to take speedy strategic and tactical decisions to accelerate trials. This includes real time reporting of AE and SAE events to program managers and supervisors.

Solution: Blockchain engined, integrated technology allows simultaneous viewing by all stakeholders with appropriate governance and controls in the trial.



Real-time Patient Data and Financial Spend Provides a Continuous View
of Resources Consumption with Patient Data

Problem: Waiting for financial information leaves clinical program leaders unsure about the status of their budgets, delays decision-making and slows down payments to participants in addition to potentially inaccurate forecasts.

Solution:Proprietary C2TA™ module provides simultaneous real-time views of patient activity and financial data, eliminates bottlenecks and cuts the need for labor intensive reconciliations .

COVID-19 Solution for Remote Management of Clinical Trial Operations

An integrated, secure, regulatory compliant, remote monitoring, EDC, cloud-based, and distributed-ledger platform to remotely manage clinical trials.

The sudden emergence and rapid person-to-person transmission of the novel coronavirus caught health systems by surprise since no approved vaccines or treatment options existed. This technology delivers the way to speed up clinical trials that have been halted due to the need to protect patients. In addition to all of its typical benefits, it also provides a safe virtual trial environment for every step of the project, from data collection with remote monitoring and not trading off GCP governance.

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